KBEMS is Getting New URLs!

Sep 19, 2022

The Current URLs that you, or your service, use to access the KBEMS’ systems will be changing due to our office’s transition to state government (House Bill 777). Please save and bookmark the below URLs and delete any old ones you may have.

KBEMS Website: KBEMS.ky.gov

KSTARS: https://kemsis.kbems.ky.gov/Elite/OrganizationKentucky/

KEMSIS: https://kemsis.ky.gov/lms/public/portal#/login

KSTARS Direct Entry Users

Any ePCR’s that are in the Elite field (offline mode) need to be posted ASAP; you will lose all non-posted items.  All other data will be untouched and will not be effected. KSTARS will continue to operate as normal once the domain switch has been made. If you have any questions please contact Randall Eimerman, KBEMS Director of EMS Data Systems: Randall.Eimerman@ky.gov.


KSTARS Import users

The Kentucky State Ambulance Reporting System (KSTARS) will see a slight interruption in the import process.  Randall Eimerman, KBEMS Director of EMS Data Systems, will be working with the ePCR Vendors to complete the new integration accounts and endpoints.  This will be a manual process and services will be selected at random for integration set-up.  If your vendor has any questions they may contact Randall.Eimerman@ky.gov.



The Kentucky EMS Information System (KEMSIS) is where all applications are completed for Services and individual providers.  Thankfully, KEMSIS will experience minimum impact except for a URL change.  Please be sure to delete any old bookmarks and create a new bookmark within your web browser.  All usernames and passwords will remain the same.