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Emergency Waiver and Modification of 202 KAR 7:560

May 4, 2022

On March 30, 2022, the Board filed emergency and ordinary amendments to 202 KAR 7:560 (ground vehicle staff) to allow:

  1. Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) to drive ambulances instead of EMTs. 

  2. Waive the requirement that paramedics staff atleast 25% of Class I and Class IV ALS ambulances.  Under these amendments, Class I ALS agencies must instead have a paramedic on-duty at all times and all Class IV ALS ambulances must be staffed with either an Advanced EMT or Paramedic.  

  3. Individuals who are certified in CPR and have completed an emergency vehicle operator's course to drive ambulances until September 1, 2022, after which ambulance drivers must be certified EMRs.

EMS accross the commonwealth continue to experience staffing shortages.  Therefore, a temporary extension of ambulances services' ability to assign drivers who are CPR-certified and have completed an emergency vehicle operator's course is critical to ensuring that agencies can adequately staff ambulances. This extension is intended to allow time for additional personnel to become certified EMRs by September I, 2022. Additionally, the removal of the requirement that paramedics staff at least 25% of Class I and Class N ALS ambulances is necessary to ensure that such agencies can satisfy the minimum ambulance staffing requirements and utilize all available ambulances.

202 KAR 7:560E
202 KAR 7:560

The Board's modification and waiver of 202 KAR 7:560 was ratified and approved by the general assembly until April 14, 2022.