Important 2020 EMS Provider Card Changes

Jan 7, 2020

Effective Jan. 7, 2020, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) will begin a new process in terms of how we issue EMS professional credentials (cards).

So, what should you know?

  • Previously, any KBEMS-issued card featured an expiration date on the front.
  • Starting in 2020, KBEMS-issued cards will not feature an expiration date; the expiration date can be verified on the KBEMS website at any time
  • This means Kentucky EMS professionals will be responsible for holding onto these cards upon issue and will no longer receive a new card upon any renewal. These new cards will feature a QR code on the back of the card as well as a website link to verify, or check, your information including expiration date, and additional credentials held.
  • Should you like, or need, to replace your physical card at any time, the cost is $25.
  • Upon completion of an initial certification or a recertification you will also receive an email with links to downloadable and printable PDFs of both your card and an achievement certificate.

On behalf of all of us at KBEMS, thank you for all that you do!

If you have questions and would like to create a support ticket, visit our Support Portal at