COVID-19 KY 911 Cardiac Arrest STEMI Study

Jul 9, 2020

Is Fear of Coronavirus Contamination Impacting Kentucky 911 Utilization?
A Cardiac Arrest/STEMI Incident Correlational Study

Kentucky’s EMS run volume has experienced a notable decrease in comparison to 2019 EMS run volume. In 2020, EMS incidents have declined 11.63% (42,732 incidents) when compared to the previous year’s statistics (incidents occurring between January 1st - May 31st).

This report highlights Cardiac Arrest/STEMI Incidents and the presumed impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has played on potential patient 911 utilization.

The data in this report is representing the hypothesis that patients experiencing significant medical emergencies (in this case potential Cardiac Arrest/STEMI patients) are avoiding EMS utilization due to fear of Coronavirus contamination. Please note that additional research is needed to prove this correlational study to be true.

Download the study here.