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April, 2018 Update to Kentucky State Medical Protocols

Apr 23, 2018
Lexington— April, 2018 — The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services releases immediate availability of amendments to the Kentucky State EMS Protocols.
4.2018 Kentucky State EMS Protocol Synopsis:
  • Table of Contents modified, and page numbers modified to incorporate changes.

  • Page 11- Determination of Death -Discontinuance - Atropine removed for Asystole.

  • Page 45- Master Medication List updated; Ipratropium Bromide -Paramedic Use Only, Glucagon- AEMT authorized.

  • Page 72- Adult Fever- Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen- included in Basic Standing Orders.

  • Page 90- Severity-Based Stroke Triage Tool for EMS- Timeline for LVO patients removed.

  • Page 136- Pediatric Fever- Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen- included in Basic Standing Orders.

  • Page 276- Maintenance of Blood and Blood Products clarified.

Any licensed Kentucky EMS agency that has adopted the Kentucky State EMS Protocols will be required to implement these amendments within thirty (30) days of release. In the event that the agency wishes to “opt-out” of these new protocols, the agency shall follow the directions located on the KBEMS website here: Kentucky State Medical Protocol Page.