KBEMS Releases Telephone CPR Program

Jul 12, 2018

The "Telephone-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (T-CPR)" program for telecommunicators fulfills the requirements described in Senate Bill 142 (2018). This course is for telecommunicators (dispatchers) that need to comply with training requirements mandated by KRS 15.550, KRS 15.585 and KRS 15.530 to 15.590.

Learning objectives:

  • To examine the relationship between 9-1-1 callers and dispatchers. Together they form the first link in the Chain of Survival and must work together to give patients the best chance of surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
  • To identify signs of cardiac arrest and to instill the importance of early, continuous, and high-quality bystander CPR before arrival of EMS.

The online module is available within the TRAIN Kentucky learning management system and new users will need to create an account prior to searching for Course ID 1079021. Assistance with TRAIN is available through the help link.

CLICK HERE for additional T-CPR information. If you have any questions about the T-CPR training content contact Robert Andrew at 859-256-3577.