EMS Week 2018

May 21, 2018

EMS Stronger Together

Dear Fellow EMS Professionals,

EMS Week again is upon us and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and share my respect for all that you do. I know that everyone who works in EMS puts in long hours and sleepless nights taking care of the needs of our community and meeting our mission. I know that you’re dedicated, I know that you care, and I also know that you don’t get the amount of thanks that you deserve most of the time.

Every day, you’re called upon to help others through one of the most frightening times of their lives. Every day, you’re called upon to provide a sense of security and relief during chaotic and challenging situations. Every day, you’re called upon to do the work that only a select few can do. Every day, we’re “Stronger Together”.

EMS Week is an opportunity for the public to recognize what we do out there every day. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase our talents, to let the public know how to use us, when to use us, and why to use us. It’s an opportunity for us to connect with our communities and for them to connect with us. What we do is important. EMS is a necessary service that is vital for our community and the nation. EMTs and Paramedics are the healthcare safety net for all of us. We’re there for everyone when they need us, on their terms, doing what’s best for them. We come to them, meet them as they are, and give them the best that we have to offer. We should use this week to reinforce that, and to improve our relationship with them.

EMS Week isn’t quite up to the task of thanking heroes. In reality, nothing is. Please know that no matter what happens, I know that you work hard and that you care. I know what you are accomplishing out there and I give you my respect. I give you my sincere thanks. I pledge to support you as best as we are able and we know that you’ll continue to give us your best.


Michael Poynter, EMT-P, CP-C
Executive Director
Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services
118 James Court Suite #50
Lexington, KY 40505

Click HERE to download a printable copy of this letter.