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State Medical Protocol Update

Sep 27, 2017

Lexington— September 27, 2017 — The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) releases immediate availability of amendments to the Kentucky State EMS Protocol today.  These amendments are not meant to replace the forthcoming release of the new Kentucky State EMS Protocol; rather, they are updates of the currently published protocol.

This release includes an updated Stroke Protocol as well as a modification to the index on Page 3. A full document as well as an update packet are availabe on the KBEMS website at this link:

Any licensed Kentucky EMS agency that has adopted the Kentucky State EMS Protocols will be required to implement these amendments within thirty (30) days of release.  In the event that the agency wishes to “opt-out” of these new protocols, the agency shall follow the directions located on the KBEMS website here:  KBEMS State Protocol "Opt-Out".

The following pages have been modified with this release:

• Page 3- Index
• Pages 84-87- Suspected Stroke Protocol