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Updates to Kentucky State EMS Protocol

Jun 26, 2017

Lexington— June 26, 2017 — The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services releases immediate availability of amendments to the Kentucky State EMS Protocol today.  These amendments are not meant to replace the forthcoming release of the new Kentucky State EMS Protocol; rather, they are updates of the currently published protocol.

These protocol amendments and additions have been added to the approved Kentucky State EMS protocol in order to comply with 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  Additionally, new maps notating verified Trauma & Stroke Centers have been updated, as well as the board recommended “Trauma Triage Criteria” tool.  Activated Charcoal has been removed from active protocols for Drug Overdose for both Adult and Pediatric patients.  Due to page numbering and Table of Contents amendments, it is recommended that EMS agency’s incorporate the entire updated document at this time.

Any licensed Kentucky EMS agency that has adopted the Kentucky State EMS Protocols will be required to implement these amendments within thirty (30) days of release.  In the event that the agency wishes to “opt-out” of these new protocols, the agency shall follow the directions located on the KBEMS website here: Kentucky State Medical Protocol Page

The following pages have been modified with this release:

  • Page 1- Cover
  • Page 2- Table of Contents
  • Page 3- Table of Contents
  • Page 4- Table of Contents
  • Page 5- Table of Contents
  • Page 6- Cover Page- General
  • Page 16- Trauma Triage Criteria Algorithm
  • Page 17- Verified Trauma Centers in Kentucky
  • Page 44- Cover Page- Adult Medical Protocols
  • Page 50- ACS Algorithm
  • Page 51- Cardiac Arrest
  • Page 52- Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Page 53- Bradycardia (Symptomatic) Adult
  • Page 54- Bradycardia Adult Algorithm
  • Page 55- Tachycardia- Adult
  • Page 56- Tachycardia- Adult continued
  • Page 57- Tachycardia Algorithm- Adult
  • Page 58- Congestive Heart Failure/Pulmonary Edema- Adult
  • Page 74- Poisoning: Overdose-Adult
  • Page 87- ASR, Primary & Comprehensive Stroke Centers in Kentucky
  • Page 96- Cover Page- Pediatric Medical
  • Page 107- Cardiac Arrest-Pediatric continued
  • Page 108- Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Page 110- Bradycardia Algorithm- Pediatric
  • Page 112- Tachycardia Algorithm- Pediatric
  • Page 124- Poisoning: Overdose-Pediatric
  • Page 125- Poisoning: Overdose-Pediatric continued
  • Page 143- Cover Page- Adult Trauma
  • Page 165- Cover Page- Pediatric Trauma
  • Page 190- Cover Page- Environmental
  • Page 202- Cover Page- Airway and Ventilation
  • Page 240- Cover Page- Procedure Protocols
  • Page 257- Cover Page- Inter-Facility Protocols
  • Page 272- Cover Page- Medication List
  • Page 324- Cover Page- Specialized Protocols