Protocols and Destination Guidance

State Protocols


>> Kentucky State Protocols, Updated September 2021 - Full Document <<

>> Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati 2022 Protocols - Full Document <<

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The protocols/procedures listed below are RESTRICTED, and require specific authorization from KBEMS, for each individual protocol, prior to use:

>> Protocol Update Log, Updated September 2021 <<

(this document lists any edits made during recent Ky State Protocol updates)

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Adoption of State Protocols

Licensed Ambulance agencies wishing to adopt the approved Kentucky State EMS Protocols should choose one of the following based upon their wishes to adopt the Kentucky State EMS Protocols completely, or with omissions.

Any licensed ground or air EMS agency in Kentucky that wishes to make ANY amendments to the agency's KBEMS approved medical protocol must receive written approval from the office of the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services PRIOR to implementation of any change.

Promotion Complete Adoption

Promotion Partial Adoption of State Protocols with Modifications

Promotion Agency Specific Protocols

Promotion Restricted Protocols

Promotion Training

 Patient Destination Guidance