Medicine Shortage Information

The following statements have been issued by the State Medical Advisor for the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services.

Current Drug Shortage Recommendations for KY EMS

Due to current emergency medication shortages of varying scope affecting the US and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the following medication/dosing substitutions may be used by Licensed EMS Agencies while the shortage exists.  A return to routine use of approved medical protocols is expected immediately upon availability of any medication required per approved protocol.

Current Drug Shortage Recommendations for KY EMS (November 16, 2017)

Medication Extended Use Dates

Due to the ongoing critical shortage of injectable drugs used in critical care, FDA is alerting health care professionals and emergency responders of updated dates through which some of these injectable drugs, manufactured by Hospira Inc, a Pfizer company, may be used beyond the manufacturer’s labeled expiration date. To help ensure patient safety, these products should have been — and should continue to be — stored as labeled.

Please refer to the document below to see if your medications are eligible for extended use.

Extended Use Dates Provided by Pfizer to Assist with Emergency Syringe Shortages


DuoDote Auto-Injectors

The FDA has further extended the expiration dates of DuoDote to 2 years beyond the manufacturer s expiration date. For more information: .



The Kentucky Board of EMS is currently aware of the drug shortage of D50. The following substitutions may be used.

The typical adult dose is 25 grams of glucose, given as 50 ml. of 50% dextrose solution (500 mg. of dextrose per ml.).

In any situation where D50 would be used, as specified in the Statewide Treatment Protocols, ambulance services may use any of the following acceptable substitutions:

  1. An equal-dose amount of D25. Since this is packaged in 10 ml. syringes, the usual adult dose would be 10 syringes of 10 ml. each of D25, or 100 ml. of D25.
  2. A sterile IV bag containing 250 ml of D10W, delivering 25 grams of glucose.

Printable Statement on Dextrose


Normal Saline Shortage

Click on the documents below for guidance regarding the national shortage of IV Normal Saline, and alternatives.


Additional Information as of March 28, 2014:

Please use the links below to find updated information on the national shortage of IV Normal Saline: