Medical Direction

Any agency licensed in Kentucky must have a Medical Director. That Medical Director must be licensed in Kentucky and must hold additional certifications depending the level of service your agency is licensed. (ALS or BLS)

More information can be found about Medical Directors and Medical Direction below:


Information on State Approved Protocols, the Protocol Submission Process, Complete Adoption, Partial Adoption, Restricted Protocols, and 2010 Updates!

Medical Director Requirements

Requirements for Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Medical Directors can be found under this tab.

Medical Director Change

If your agency needs to change it's Medical Director, you will find information on what KBEMS needs in this section.

Medical Director Waiver Process

If your Medical Director needs some time to complete his or her requirements, there is a process in place to assist them. Learn about how to apply for a waiver under this tab.

Kentucky Medical License Verification

Need to verify your Medical Director with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure? Instructions and a How to are located in this section.

Medical Direction Handbook

In March of 2012, FEMA distributed a Handbook for EMS Medical Directors. It has pages of resources and information for EMS Medical Directors and is a great resource for EMS Directors as Leaders as well.

Handbook for EMS Medical Directors - FEMA 2012

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