EMS Statute and Regulation

Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 311A is the basic governing law of Emergency Medical Services in Kentucky. The statute helps the entities and the people who supply EMS to this Commonwealth know their duties, responsibilities, and boundaries under the law. KRS 311A addresses such issues as how the Board came into existence, the representative members of the Board, the certification or licensure requirements for various entities, and so much more. The links below will take you to the statutory sections you need to help provide services as an EMS agency or personnel.

The regulations found at the links below are the rules that build upon the basic framework of KRS 311A. In essence, statutes tell what the law is while regulations are rules that tell how to carry out that law. If you have questions about how to interpret a regulation, how to put the regulation into action in real-time, or how to carry out duties and obligations found within the regulations, contact KBEMS through the Support Portal for assistance. 

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