HIV/AIDS Training

The Kentucky Revised Statute 311A.110 places Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) training requirements on EMS personnel.  For more guidance see  Educational Courses and Continuing Education on Aids 311A.115.

KRS 311A.110 Educational course on AIDS for paramedics, first responders, and emergency medical technicians.

The board shall, by administrative regulation, require an applicant for licensure as a paramedic, certification as a first responder, or certification as an emergency medical technician to have completed a board-approved educational course on the transmission, control, treatment, and prevention of the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with an emphasis on appropriate behavior and attitude change.

HIV/AIDS Training

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services provides HIV/AIDS Continuing Education for Health Professionals. There are a number of classes available from a variety of providers around the state.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services Website

HIV/AIDS Training - FREE!

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is pleased to announce the release of a free online HIV/AIDS module. This Web-based, self-paced study module discusses many facets of HIV/AIDS: medical aspects, epidemiology, transmission, prevention, treatment, OSHA and CDC recommendations, attitudes and behaviors, services available, reporting requirements and other legal issues. A post test is included to access the certificate of completion required by licensure boards. Course ID: 1021131 with the title HIV/AIDS Professional Education in KY... Making It Count - Online Module - 1021131.

If you go to the following website

KY Train Website

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Course ID: 1021131

Title: HIV/AIDS Professional Education in Kentucky...Making It Count-Online Module

Other HIV/AIDS Courses

If you are not interested in the Online Version offered by the Cabinet, you may find a complete listing of all approved HIV/AIDS courses around the state

List of All State Approved HIV/AIDS Courses

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