Determination of Death

Kentucky requires, by statue that any paramedic must have specific education and training in the determination of death.

This means that you must have

1) Taken a Paramedic Course after July 15, 1998 that included instruction on determination of death

2) Taken a 'Determination of Death' course from an Approved TEI in Kentucky

3) Show proof of training and education from 202 KAR 7:401

KRS 311A.185 states:

(3) Any paramedic course taught after July 15, 1998, shall include a course of instruction on the determination of death and preservation of evidence as required by the board by administrative regulation.

(4) Any paramedic from another jurisdiction desiring to become a paramedic in Kentucky shall show evidence of successful completion of a training course in Kentucky meeting the requirements of subsection (3) of this section, and licensure as a paramedic shall be denied if the required evidence is not shown.

Training of Paramedics in Determination of Death and Preservation of Evidence

Full Regulation: 202 KAR 7:401

Section 14. Training of Paramedics in Determination of Death and Preservation of Evidence.

(1) The training program shall not be less than one (1) hour in length and, at a minimum, shall include:

(a) Information on and a copy of KRS 311A.170;

(b) Information on and a copy of 202 KAR 7:401;

(c) Information on and a copy of KRS 72.020;

(d) Information on and a copy of KRS 446.400;

(e) Information on the duties of and role of the coroner and state medical examiner; and

(f) Information on preservation of evidence at the scene of a death.

(2) The training shall be:

(a) Provided as part of a paramedic training course conducted by an approved EMS-TEI via:

1. Classroom instruction;

2. Video conferencing or other distance learning media; or

3. Video taped presentation or computer based learning; and

(b) Conducted under the supervision of a medical director.

(3) The medical director of the ambulance service or EMS provider conducting the training shall request the coroner of the county in which the training is provided to attend and participate in the training.

(4) The EMS-TEI or the medical director providing the training shall maintain the following records:

(a) A copy of the course outline used in the training to verify that the training has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of this administrative regulation;

(b) A sign-in sheet with the printed and signed names and certification or license numbers and state of license of all paramedics who successfully completed the training, including the signature of the educator supervising the education program; and

(c) Curriculum vitae for each member of the course faculty.

(5) A certificate or letter of certification shall be provided to each participant in the program at the conclusion of the training.

(6) The KBEMS office shall maintain an approved curriculum that may be used by entities providing training specified by this administrative regulation.

Online Determination of Death Courses

Bell County EMS Training Center
309 Cherry St.
Pineville, KY 40977
Contact: Josh Peters at 606-337-6476 or
Course Fee: $10.00

Wayne County EMS Training Department
Contact: Keith Widmeier at
Course Fee: $15.00