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2021 Renewal Checklist

Kentucky Board of EMS (KBEMS) Emergency Orders as specified in SB 150 and Executive Order 2020-243. The intent of the emergency Orders is to alleviate the regulatory conflicts identified in existing regulations in relation to mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic in Kentucky.

All Renewal Applicants must submit the following items:

  • Complete renewal application through individual KEMSIS account.
    • Check prepopulated certification/license and endorsements before completing renewal application.  If changes need to be made submit a support ticket indicating the changes that need to be made including your name and KEMSIS #.  After this has been corrected then proceed with the renewal process.
  • Pay renewal fee

Additional Requirements:

Complete Continuing Education (CE) requirements for 2021 renewal cycle as defined in regulation.

Maintain evidence of either:

  • Current NREMT certification
  • All continuing education required by regulation at the time of renewal.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SEND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED IN THIS SECTION TO KBEMS.  Retain all documentation required in this section by regulation for four (4) years from the date of renewal.  KBEMS will notify you if these documents are to be audited. 

Additional Information:

  • The KBEMS emergency orders and subsequent emergency regulations do not list the CE as previously required in regulation under recertification/relicensure requirements for all provider levels (EMR – 202 KAR 7:201, EMT – 202 KAR 7: 301, AEMT – 202 KAR 7:330 & Paramedic – 202 KAR 7:401).

  • If you renew now under the current emergency regulations, you would not be required to obtain CE for the December 31, 2021 renewal cycle, however, KBEMS recommends that EMS providers do their best to obtain the CE requirements found in the pre COVID-19 regulations.

  • If you wait to renew and the KY State Of Emergency is lifted before December 31, 2021 the original regulations will become effective requiring the CE as listed in regulation.

  • Any CE audits conducted will be measured by the regulation in effect at the time of renewal.

If you have any questions about renewal process, please submit a support ticket.