Director Resources

This page is provided by KBEMS for agencies to submit model policies and procedures.

These resources are not endorsed or promoted by KBEMS, but are available as a resource for your agency to have reference materials as they develop or revise policies. Please follow your agency's practices for adopting new policies and procedures, and ensure that you consult legal counsel where needed.

Policies and Procedures Required by Regulation Provided By
Infection Control Plans
EMS Infectious Disease Playbook ASPR TRACIE
OSHA Model Plans and Programs Guide OSHA
Exposure Control Plan Development Guide NIOSH
Hepatitis B Policies and Information
Hepatitis B Vaccination and Declination Boyd County EMS
Medical Direction
Medical Director Handbook FEMA
Tuberculosis (TB) Policies and Information
TB Risk Assessment KY Dept. of Public Health
Vehicle Maintenance
Sample Vehicle Maintenance Schedule  
Mutual Aid Agreements
Sample Mutual Aid Agreement Mercy Regional EMS
Post Offer Health Assessment
Sample Post Offer Health Assessment KBEMS
State Emergency Operations Plan
Kentucky EOP Kentucky EM


Best Practices (Not Required by Regulation) Provided By:
Hazard Communication Program Hardin County EMS
Full Operational Standard Operating Guidelines Breck Central EMS
Operational Templates and Guidance for EMS Mass Incident Deployment (June 2012) FEMA
Best Practice Recommendations for Safe Transport of Children in Ambulances (Sept 2012) NHTSA
Employee Evaluation Campbellsville Taylor County EMS
Physician Certification Statement (PCS) Requirements for Ambulance Services  
Physician Certification Statement for Ambulance Transportation  
Physician Certification Statement Rural Metro
Framework for Expanding EMS System Capacity during Medical Surge HHS & CDC
Nerve Agent Information for Emergency Medical Services and Hospitals HHS, DOT, & DHS


KBEMS wants your input!

Help us help each other! If you have a Policy, Procedure, or Best Practice that you would like to share, please send to

Topics that we need information on include:
Organizational Charts Continuing Education Plans Quality Assessment of Patient Care and Quality Improvement
Orientation Programs Diversion Plan Request for Service Plans
Mutual Aid Agreements Written Agreements (or attemps) with 911 Center Policy and Procedure on What Constitutes a Request for Emergency Service
Preventive Maintenance Program for Vehicles Preventative Maintenance Program for Equipment Equipment List for Tiered vehicles
Extrication Equipment or Agreement with Agency that Provides It Personnel Files Post Offer of Employment Health Assessment
Annual TB Testing or Evaluation Hepatitis B Vaccination and Seroconversion (Titer) Testing Driver's Training Programs
Medical Director Contracts Texting and Driving Uniform Policies
Backup Policy Mutual Aid Agreements