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2016 Meeting Minutes

On this page you may view the 2016 meeting minutes for the Board as well as the committees and subcommittees. Minutes are posted after they are approved. For information about these groups visit the Committees and Subcommittees page. Meeting dates can be located on our News and Events page.

Annual Report

Annual Report [PDF 8MB]


Feb. 11, Mar. 31, Jun. 9, Aug. 11, Sep. 22, Dec. 8

Data Collection Committee

Jan. 13, May 11, Jul. 13, Sep. 14

Education Committee

Feb. 2, Mar. 1, May 3, Jul. 5, Sep. 6, Nov. 15

EMS for Children

Apr. 13, Aug. 10, Oct. 12

Executive Committee

Jan. 26, Mar. 24, May 26, Jul. 28, Nov. 10

Medical Oversight

Jan. 27, Mar. 17, May 12 (joint w/MIH-CP), Sep. 15, Nov. 16

Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine Committee

Mar. 16, May 12 (joint w/Medical Oversight), Jun 15, Oct. 12

Cardiac and Stroke Care Subcommittee

Jan. 19, Aug. 23Oct. 18, Dec. 6

Disaster Preparedness and Mass Casualty Incident Subcommittee

Aug. 09, Dec. 6