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Executive Committee

Purpose and Scope

1) Executive committee. The executive committee shall address legislative issues and proposals and review administrative regulations for submission to the board including:

(a) Recommending to the board promulgation of administrative regulations, amendment of administrative regulations, or repeal of administrative regulations relating to:

1. All levels of personnel licensed or certified by the board and ambulance services licensed or certified by the board;
2. Rules and operating procedures for the board and each of its standing committees and task forces;
3. EMS Grant Program; and
4. EMS for Children Program;

(b) Serving as a resource for board staff:

1. In reviewing applications regarding requests for funding under programs administered by or overseen by the board;
2. With the development of funding programs or applications, including state and federal grants pertaining to EMS and monitoring and reviewing the grants once received by the board;
3. With creating and recommending to the board a biennial budget for the board prior to submission to appropriate state agencies;
4. With identifying, developing and recommending to the board sources of funding for its programs; and
5. In developing reimbursement programs and providing consult for emergency medical service providers.

(c) Making recommendations to the board regarding fees to be charged by the board.

From KBEMS Board Chair Phil Dietz: Pursuant to 202 KAR 7:020 and my authority as the Chair of the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, I hereby appoint the following membership to KBEMS Standing Committees and Subcommittees for a one (1) year term from December 1, 2020-November 30, 2021.

Members of the Executive Committee: (7 Members, 4 must be board members)

Tracey Franklin, Chair, 

Joe Prewitt, Vice-Chair,

Carlos Coyle,

Jim Duke,

William Haugh, 

Michael Reynolds,

David Webb, 


Ex Officio:

Phil Dietz, KBEMS Chair

Michael Poynter, Executive Director

Chuck O'Neal, Deputy Executive Director of Administration

Meeting Schedule and Meeting Minutes.