Important Notice

alert icon The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) will begin immediate use of CastleBranch for background checks on all applicants not eligible for the Administrative Office of the Court's (AOC) service. KBEMS will continue to accept already acquired background checks from Verified Credentials provided they are not older than six months. We ask for patience on website and form changes due to the volume of references in need of content edits.

Legal Services

The primary laws governing Emergency Medical Services in Kentucky are KRS 311A and 202 KAR 7:101 et al. You will find hyperlinks to these laws under the tabs provided for them. KRS 311A provides the legal framework that creates KBEMS and grants authority to the Board to license and certify EMS providers and agencies in Kentucky. The administrative regulations, promulgated by the Board, are the guidelines for putting the statute into effect. Both work together to accomplish a comprehensive model for the provision of EMS in our Commonwealth.

Please contact KBEMS at or 859-256-3565 if you have any legal questions you may need answered.