It is said that students learn more from their teachers than their textbooks. With that in mind, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services is emphatic that all EMS initial training and EMS continuing education must be taught by competent and knowledgeable instructors.

Beginning instructors should start with topics that are short, familiar and interesting to you as an instructor. These may be CPR, choking, bleeding and bandaging. In addition, doing public presentations or an introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for community organizations such as churches, schools or other civic groups. Observe and work with other EMS Educators that you admire. Focus on adopting some of their material into your own style and using it. As you grow more comfortable, begin to slowly expand your area of expertise to include First Aid or an entire CPR class and then practice, practice, practice.

One of the first things that you need to ask is, "Why do I want to be an instructor?" One of the most important aspects of an effective educator is to stay excited with the material and the students. If you choose teaching as a route for a pay increase you probably will not endure the teaching profession very long. If you enjoy teaching, then it becomes fun and not a burdensome task to prepare for class. Your students always know when you, as an instructor, are comfortable with the material and enjoying themselves in the classroom or field environment.

Approved Training and Education Institutions

The following link connects you to the KBEMS Database, which contains all active Training and Educational Institutions in the state. KBEMS does not support any single TEI over another, however all TEI must meet minimum requirements. We provide this resource for your reference.

TEI Database

You may search this database in a number of ways.


If you know a portion of the name of the TEI, you can enter all or part of it here. Sometimes if you do not spell it exactly, it will not appear. In other words, if you are searching for 'John's Supergreat TEI Academy' you should consider just searching 'John'

License Number

If in the License Number Field, you place the letters 'TEI' you will get a list of ALL licensed TEI's in the state. You may also enter the 3 digit TEI number if you know it.


If you know the city where you would like to find a TEI, you may search by city.Please keep in mind this will return the location of the headquarters address submitted to KBEMS.


If you know the county where you would like to find a TEI, you may search by county. Please keep in mind this will return the location of the headquarters address submitted to KBEMS.


The best way to search is to input 'TEI' in the license number AND then include the county you are searching in. This will return all TEIs in that particular county.


This database also queries EMS services. If the name does not include ''TEI' or the License number does not include 'TEI' they are not a TEI, but a licensed EMS service in the Commonwealth.