Agency Operations

Ambulance Service Operations

This page will assist you in meeting all of your requirements in maintaining regulatory compliance with KBEMS.

The following pages are full of resouces that can assist you.

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Director's Toolbox

This resource is a collection of resources and documentation we have found from around the state. Agencies allow us to place it here for others to use. This is a great collection of many ways to do things. Don't reinvent the wheel! Look here first!


Have a question about Inspection? Not Sure what KBEMS Needs to see? Find out more about your agency inspection and vehicle inspections on the inspections page.

Driver Licensing:

Driving an Ambulance takes more than just a Driver's License. Find out what your agency needs to have on file, and where to get it!

Vehicles and Aircraft:

What equipment is required on an Ambulance or Aircraft?

Converting to ALS:

Ready to take the next step? Learn how to covert to ALS.