The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) brings lifesaving, emergency medical care to the Commonwealth by certifying First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians. Additionally, it provides licenses to Paramedics and Ambulance Services and also establishes standards for the education and training of Emergency Medical Services personnel. In 2010, KBEMS provided 1,200 first responder certifications, 10,100 Emergency Medical Technician certifications and 2,100 Paramedic certifications.

KBEMS Services include:

Additionally, KBEMS is a participant in the EMS for Children (EMSC) Program, a federally-funded initiative that provides funding for statewide efforts aimed at improving emergency medical care for children. The Kentucky EMSC project encourages providers to improve their pediatric skills and increase public awareness regarding the health and safety of children.

Mission Statement

KBEMS mission is to ensure availability of high quality emergency medical services for Kentucky through collaboration with EMS providers by:

  • Ensuring quality, competent EMS care through effective oversight, communication and education;
  • Advancing professionalism of EMS providers;
  • Promoting health and safety of patients and EMS providers;
  • Providing leadership for EMS.

Vision Statement

Through transparent practices, KBEMS will ensure and promote high quality emergency medical care across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


  • Integrity
  • High quality care
  • Quality of education
  • Competent staff
  • Accountability of board, services and individuals
  • Being proactive, not reactive
  • Highly motivated and progressive board
  • Advancement of EMS profession
  • Citizen and provider safety
  • Ethical standards in dealing with issues

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