Ambulance crew members examine equipment onboard

KBEMS Approved Education

Approved Continuing Education

The following education entities were approved by the Kentucky Board of EMS, at the June 5, 2014 meeting, to offer continuing education:

  • 1) Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services
  • 2) Kentucky Board of Nursing
  • 3) Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure
  • 4) Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care
  • 5) Department of Homeland Security and all department components
  • 6) U.S. Fire Administration and all department components
  • 7) Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training
  • 8) Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
  • 9) Courses approved by any NREMT State

Approved CPR Courses

The educational bodies listed below have been pre-approved by the KBEMS Education Committee, and are the only pre-approved CPR certifications presently accepted by KBEMS. Other courses may be submitted for consideration of approval by the Education Committee. For further information contact the KBEMS Director of Education & Training, Bob Andrew.