EMS Educator

Kentucky has the following EMS Educator Levels: 

 Level    Teaching Ability  
 Level I  EMR Initial or Continuing Education Courses
 Level II  EMR Initial or Continuing Education Courses

 EMT Initial of Continuing Education Courses



 Level III  EMR Initial or Continuing Education Courses

 EMT Initial of Continuing Education Courses

 AEMT or Paramedic Initial or Continuing Education Courses



 Level IIIR  AEMT or Paramedic Initial or Continuing Education Courses

An applicant to become a Kentucky certified EMS educator shall be certified or licensed as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic.

Registered Nurses (RN)s and Physicians (MD or DO) not holding an EMS License or Certification may obtain a Restricted EMS Educator (Level IIIR) Only. 

Initial EMS Educator

EMS Educator Checklist (KBEMS-E17)

An individual seeking certification as an EMS Educator shall:

  • Complete a United States Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for EMS Instructor course or other board-authorized methods of instruction program conducted by an entity approved by the board. 
  • The approved methodologies of instruction are: 
  • Maintained certification or licensure as an EMS Provider (EMR, EMT, or Paramedic) for a minimum of four (4) years
  • Provide documentation that two (2) years of the four (4) years' experience required is experience providing care with an EMS organization that complies with the requirements of KRS 311A or 202 KAR 7.
  • Provide documentation that the applicant has assisted with a course that meets the following requirements:
    • The board has approved the course as leading to certification or licensure.
    • Assistance with the course has been under the supervision of a certified EMS Educator who attests using the board approved Certified Educator Form (KBEMS-E24)
    • The Course in which the applicant will assist is at the same level of EMS educator the applicant is seeking.
  • Completion of KBEMS Educator Orientation
  • Submit fees according to 202 KAR 7: ($85.00)
  • Background Check less than 6 months old
  • Completion of required monitored teaching:


  • Five (5) Presentations
  • Five (5) Demonstrated Skills
  • Completed all presentations and all skills demonstrations on different topics for a total of ten (10) separate topics
  • Attended a minimum of fifty (50) percent of the clock hours of the course


  • Instruction of fifty (50) classroom clock hours in a minimum of five (5) different subject areas that shall include instruction in pharmacology, cardiac emergencies, and traumatic injuries.

NOTE: All teaching must meet the objectives of the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards Instructional Guidelines and EMS Scope of Practice Model National Education for EMR, EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic.

Renewal of EMS Educator Certification

EMS Educator Checklist (KBEMS-E17)

A person certified by the board as an EMS Educator shall be eligible to renew following the requirements below:

  • Maintained state certification or licensure as a provider at a level equal to or greater than the level at which they are certified as an EMS Educator
  • Submitted written evidence of completion of any and all training and education as required by KRS 311A.
  • During the preceding two (2) years, has been actively engaged in instruction and obtained a minimum of fifty-two (52) contact hours that include at least (8) contact hours on topics related methods of instruction (MOI). The eight (8) hours relevant to MOI:
    • May include any Board approved and required educator updates.
    • Shall be certified in writing by the Chief Administrative Officer of the EMS-TEI employing the instructor.
  • Not subject to discipline under KRS 311A
  • Submit fees required by 202 KAR 7:030
    • Level I - $70.00
    • Level II - $70.00
    • Level III - $90.00
  • Complete a Renewal Application (Available on KEMSIS) 

Reciprocity Educator Requirements

An EMS Educator that is currently licensed or certified in another state may apply for Reciprocity of their EMS Educator credentials.

Reciprocity Educator Checklist KBEMS-E18

  • Minimum of four (4) years certified or licensed as an EMS provider at the same level or higher than applying for
  • Proof of four (4) years educational experience in another state or territory
  • EMS Educator Application
  • Completion of a Board Approved sixteen (16) hours of training in methodology of instruction (MOI)
  • Submit total fees of $220.00 ($125.00 Reciprocity Fee + $85.00 Certification Fee + $10.00 Application Fee)
  • Completion of KBEMS EMS Educator Orientation Course
  • Background Check less than 6 months old

Reinstatement Educator Requirements

An EMS Educator that has let their Educator (formerly Instructor) certification lapse may apply for reinstatement.

Reinstatement Educator Checklist KBEMS-E18

  • Educator whose certification has lapsed for a period not exceeding five years
  • Completed EMS Educator Application
  • Sixteen (16) Hours of training in Methodology of Instruction (MOI)
  • Completion of Board Sponsored EMS Educator Orientation Course
  • Submit total fees of $245.00 ($150.00 Reinstatement Fee + $85.00 Certification Fee + $10.00 Application Fee)
  • Background Check less than 6 months old

Temporary Educator Requirements

An EMS Educator that needs to have Temporary Certification in Kentucky. This level of Certification is NOT renewable.

Temporary Educator Checklist KBEMS-E18

  • Proof of EMS Educator certification or licensure from another state or US territory
  • Completed EMS Educator Application
  • Submit total fees of $220.00 ($125 Temporary Fee + $85.00 Certification Fee + $10.00 Application Fee)
  • Background Check less than 6 months old.