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alert iconThe Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) will begin immediate use of CastleBranch for background checks on all applicants not eligible for the Administrative Office of the Court's (AOC) service. KBEMS will continue to accept already acquired background checks from Verified Credentials provided they are not older than six months. We ask for patience on website and form changes due to the volume of references in need of content edits. The website address for CastleBranch is
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Revised Statute

Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 311A is the basic governing law of Emergency Medical Services in Kentucky.  The statute helps the entities and the people who supply EMS to this Commonwealth know their duties, responsibilities, and boundaries under the law.  KRS 311A addresses such issues as how the Board came into existence, the representative members of the Board, the certification or licensure requirements for various entities, and so much more.  The links below will take you to the statutory sections you need to help provide services as an EMS agency or personnel. 

KRS 311A.010    Definitions

KRS 311A.015    Establishes Board

KRS 311A.020    Powers and Duties of the Board

KRS 311A.025    Levels of Certification

KRS 311A.027    Residence Requirement Prohibited

KRS 311A.030    Board Authority

KRS 311A.035    Functions of the Board

KRS 311A.040    Advisory Opinions

KRS 311A.045     EMSC Program

KRS 311A.050    Restrictions on Persons Not Licensed or Certified by the Board

KRS 311A.055    Complaint Process

KRS 311A.060    Sanctions for Violations

KRS 311A.065    Mental or Physical Examination Requirements

KRS 311A.070    Written Notice of Complaint

KRS 311A.075    Immediate Temporary Suspension

KRS 311A.080    Persons Prohibited from operating Ambulance Services

KRS 311A.085    Professional License Discipline Notification Requirements

KRS 311A.090    Notification Requirements for New Criminal Convictions

KRS 311A.095    Expiration of Licenses and Certificates

KRS 311A.100    Board Authority for Background Checks

KRS 311A.105    Notification of Address Change

KRS 311A.110    AIDS/HIV Requirements

KRS 311A.115    Educational Courses and Continuing Education on AIDS

KRS 311A.120    Education Courses and Continuing Education

KRS 311A.125    Continued Competence for Paramedics

KRS 311A.127    Course for Recognition of Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma

KRS 311A.130    Requirements of In-Service Training

KRS 311A.135    Development of Paramedic Licensure and ReLicensure Programs

KRS 311A.140    Emergency Medical Technicians

KRS 311A.145    Fees and Charges

KRS 311A.150    Priviledges and Immunities of Paramedics and First Responders

KRS 311A.155    Emergency Medical Services Grant Program

KRS 311A.160    First Responder Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.165    EMT Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.170    Paramedic Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.175    Scope of Practice Requirements

KRS 311A.180    Process for Medical Control Documents and Protocols

KRS 311A.185    Determination of Death Requirements

KRS 311A.190    Information furnished to the Board by Providers

KRS 311A.195    Administration of Epinepherine by an EMT

KRS 311A.200    Limited Certification of Felons in Correctional Institution