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Ambulance crew provides emergency medical assistance

EMS Careers

The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services provides this site as a resource to promote EMS job openings in Kentucky. This is only permitted to Licensed agencies of the Board or recommended Training and Education Institutions. If you are interested in posting to this job board, please submit the following information through our Support Portal.

  • Position (i.e. Paramedic, EMT, First Responder, Flight Nurse, Dispatcher, etc)
  • Status (Full-Time, Part-Time, Per-Diem, etc.)
  • Shift (Day, Night, Weekends, Varies, etc. )
  • Position Posting Date (The day you want the position posted)
  • Position Close Date (You must provide this, no longer than 30 days from posting date)
  • Agency
  • Contact Person
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Application Information
  • Position Information
  • You may provide as much information as you want about the position. If you want any flyers attached to the posting, please provide that at the time of application.

KBEMS will do everything possible to get submitted postings online quickly. Our goal is to update the site as quickly as possible, however it will be no less than once a week.

Administrative Postings

None Listed

Paramedic Postings

Position: Paramedic
Status: Full Time
Shift: 24/48
Position Posting/Closing Date: 01/10/2017 - 01/27/2017
Position Agency: Mercer County Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
Contact: Roxanna Parks, 859-265-0771,

Position: Paramedic
Status: Full-Time/Part-Time
Shift: 12 Hour
Shift Posting/Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Position Agency: Yellow Ambulance
Contact: Michelle Harris,, Click Here for more information. Apply Today!

AEMT Postings

None Listed

EMT Postings

Position: EMT
Status: Full-Time/Part-Time
Status: 12 Hour
Position Agency: Yellow Ambulance
Shift Posting/Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Contact: Michelle Harris,, Click Here for more information. Apply Today!

EMR Postings

None Listed




Neither KCTCS nor KBEMS endorses the companies, agencies, or other employers or their representatives who have posted job openings on this site. Said companies, agencies and employers have not paid a fee for posting and KCTCS/KBEMS is paid no remuneration for positions filled as a result of these postings. KCTCS/KBEMS have not verified the validity of the job listings. KCTCS/KBEMS make no representations or guarantees about positions listed and are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment. It is each individual’s responsibility to thoroughly research the integrity of each organization to which he or she is applying. Individuals should take all care and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. Individuals responding to listed posts accept the responsibility to validate, vet, and otherwise investigate the legitimacy of the companies, agencies, and other employers who appear in this list. KCTCS/KBEMS does not and cannot guarantee that openings listed through this website will still exist, as posted, at the time of inquiry. 

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